What Type Of Equipment Will You Need To Start Your Own Brewery?

Are you interested in starting your own brewery? As interesting as it sounds if not done properly you may have to face disastrous consequences. Nevertheless, brewing is an excellent form to make your free time productive and to peruse your brewing interests as a hobby. In order to start your own brewery, you should know how to initially plan you’re planning process. A simple brewery doesn’t need to have the same equipment a large scale brewery process. With your choice recipes, its best for you to start a small scale and with time invest more to expand your business after establishing a solid ground structure. Accordingly shown below is a list of essential brewery equipment that you will need to get to jump start your brewery.  

A Mash System

This type of equipment generally includes a mash tank, lauter tun, and electric stream generator, etc. this type of tools are used to initially produce at least a 1000l of brewed beer per batch. This type of equipment is much more suited for mass-scale production compared to a simple home brewery.  A mash system is essential if you intend to push your brewing business to be more widely known. Look into buying a spirits brewing kits to help out with your home brewing.

Fermentation and Brite Tanks

The second main item on your equipment is the fermentation tank. A fermentation tank is a tank with a cone shaped bottom where it allows the yeast used to be easily captured and carefully removed for future use. Such vital equipment is most likely be displayed behind the bar at known beer pubs. Accordingly once the beer brewing process is complete, the beer is filtered into the brite tanks which looks similar to the fermentation tank. Brite tanks allow the brewed beer to further mature and carbonate it before successfully bottled. Many brewpubs have grown to serve and sell directly from the brite tank in order to showcase their natural brewing process.

Kegs and keg Washers

It’s purely your decision if you want to choose to bottle your beer or not but if you do intend to start a brewery kegs are a vital component that you will need to purchase. Kegs are needed for proper selling, serving as well as storing your finished beer product. It can be either used in your own brewery to store and serve your products or sell to bars and restaurants to attain more profit. The cleanliness of your brewing equipment should be well considered. Proper hygiene in the process of development and execution is vital for product development. Accordingly considering the volume of your brewery it’s best if you invest in an automated keg washer for greater cleaning efficiency. And to avoid the spoilage and non-appealing taste of the beer due to improper cleanliness.


Controls are a safety measure which is mainly used to prevent accidents and halt productions if an emergency occurs while maintaining stable control over the other products and equipment. It is best if you set up a master controlling board for all your brewery related electronics and pumps.          

What Type Of Equipment Will You Need To Start Your Own Brewery?

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