Things To Know About Wrinkles And Their Causes

Wrinkles are commonly known as creases or folds that appear on our faces for a variety of reasons. None of us are fond of these ridges and believe that they mar our otherwise smooth skin and cause a distorted appearance as opposed to our original look. However, it’s important to understand that wrinkles are a normal and natural thing that no human is spared of experiencing and it’s not something to beat yourself up over. Nevertheless, it can be useful to understand the causes behind the formation of wrinkles. The following are a few points that will explain them.

Exposure To Sunlight

This might immediately cause you concern as none of us spared from sunlight. However, in this case sunlight refers to Ultra Violet (UV) rays that radiate from the sunlight. Ultra Violet rays will most definitely speed up the formation of wrinkles as they breakdown and harm your skin’s tissue which will then be unable to support the strength to prevent your skin from sagging. Therefore, it’s imperative that you protect your skin from harmful sun rays to reduce the formation of wrinkles.


Smoking is an unhealthy habit in regards to most issues concerning the human body. Wrinkles are no different. Smoking will prevent your body from receiving important nutrients as well as damage the strength and flexibility of your skin, accelerating the aging process by leaps.

Dehydration And Lack Of Nutrients

Keeping your skin moisturized inside and outside is an important requirement in order to prevent wrinkles. Collagen is a tissue that plays a major role in holding your skin together which also happens to be made up mostly of water. Missing out on your required daily intake of water can have disastrous consequences on this tissue. Similarly, eating junk food and fatty meats will contribute to the formation of wrinkles as opposed to eating healthy food rich in antioxidants. These will provide you with the necessary vitamins to get flawless skin.

Repeated Facial Expressions

We have facial expressions we’re used to making when we’re happy, angry or frustrated. For example smiling is the most common of expressions that cause fine lines to form around your mouth. This of course is one of the causes that can’t necessarily be prevented but it’s possible to be aware of your emotions and facial expressions and coach yourself to not make very aggressive expressions that will cause deep set lines on your face.


Being stressed and exhausted constantly can contribute as another cause of premature wrinkling. When your body is stressed it releases a hormone known as cortisol which is proven to accelerate the wrinkling and aging process. Therefore, it’s important to take a step back each day and evaluate your day to see if you’re stressed out and if you are what you can do to prevent yourself from feeling that way. Looking after your overall health is important and the happier you are the less wrinkles you will experience.

Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process all of us experience at some point in our lives. These are a few causes behind the formation of wrinkles.

Things To Know About Wrinkles And Their Causes

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