How to Wear Silk Clothing with Style?

Silk blouses are one of the staple pieces in every woman’s closet. This classy garment can be worn on almost all occasions – from regular office days, job interviews to casual days. It is also very versatile that you can wear it with any bottom. If you have this wonderful blouse yet have limited ideas on how to style them, here are a few ideas you can add to your fashion inspiration.

The Girl Boss

If you’re looking for ways to style up your office attire, this style suits you best. Instead of wearing your usual office tops, opt for silk blouses instead. Pick plain coloured ones for more formal workplace and prints if you’re working on a relaxed workplace environment. Pair it with good fitting chic pants or pencil cut skirts and you’ll be the trendiest lady in the office. If you’re looking for high quality and stylish silk tops Australia you can wear every day to work, shop here.

The Modern Boho Chic

Silk blouses are not only for formal or classy events, they can also be worn during casual days. If you’re a fan of the boho look, a flowy silk blouse is your best buddy. Wear them together with casual or lace shorts and skirts for a more laid-back look. Complete the look by accessorizing with bohemian themed jewelleries, bags and footwear. Go out and enjoy your weekend in style with this lovely outfit inspiration.

Minimalist Look

If you’re leaning towards the simple style when it comes to fashion, try the minimalist approach. Simple and pattern less tops and bottoms are your base pieces. Add life to your outfit by wearing uniquely designed footwear, bold accessories and make up. For formal events and gatherings, opt for small dainty jewelleries to add beauty to your entire getup.

Sugar and Spice

Being creative is one of the essential characteristics you must have if you’re aiming for a sugar and spice look. This style refers to a combination of soft and hard patterns in a harmoniously looking outfit. For example, you could wear a feminine floral top with bold blazer and Rockstar footwear. The unique blend of these two factors make this outfit style even more interesting.

Classic Elegant

Silk is a luxurious fabric and simply wearing a silk garment can instantly make you look elegant as ever. Choose high quality silk garments for durability, so you can wear your favourite silk dress for years to come. Slip on an elegant silk dress or create a lovely ensemble of silk top and skirt for formal occasions such as weddings.

Summer Chic

Summer is one of the best times to wear silk clothing. They are airy and comfortable to wear no matter how hot the temperature gets. For a casual summer outfit, pair your sleeveless silk blouse with denim shorts. You can also layer it with a lace bralette if you want to add some sexiness in your outfit.

Silk blouse aren’t for special occasions only. With the right matching of pieces, you can achieve whatever kind of outfit you want to have.

How to Wear Silk Clothing with Style?

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