Fashionista Tips to Looking Laid-Back

Everyone prefers to avoid looking like they tried too hard to be looking like what they do at an occasion be it simple or complex. This is one of the reasons that you might be reading this article for, but don’t worry about it because we are about to spill you three main things that will push your fashion statement to looking classy and laid back at wherever you have occasions at, mostly inclined to casual events. So, without wasting any more let’s move on to checking out what those tips are about, read below;

Choose Your Jeans Wisely

Jeans are a very versatile piece of clothing that often gets matched with anything and everything on a casual note. If you want to run to the store to get something that you have little of at home, wearing ordinary jeans is completely fine, but if you are invited to a BBQ or a party during the summer, you would have to think about more than just an ordinary pair of jeans for the occasion. Refrain from wearing ripped jeans as it nulls the brief of looking laid back and classy. Choose three-quarter jeans instead, maybe of a nice light shade of blue that looks simple yet classy and well suited for the occasion as well.

Keep Away From Tees

Tees are those that keeps your entire outfit casual and laid back but least elegant or classy. Which is why it is best to avoid them for when you are invited for a daytime party during the summer or so. Pick a shirt or a comfortable blouse from cartel & willow stockist to go with your three-quarter jeans in place of a tee. This too needs to be simple without too much going on as it can make your outfit insignificant and as if you have tried too hard to look classy. Buttoned tops during the summer with a pair of jeans as mentioned before can elevate your fashion statement to a greater level.

Time for the Accessories!

Without accessories your entire outfit might look too plain and without any tastefulness don’t you think? This is why carrying a small bag that can hold your essential would be a great accessory to pair up with your outfit as it would complement your look as well. Make sure to wear a wristwatch and sunglasses if it is a daytime party in the summer. With all your accessories sorted to a simple state, you’ll be looking like an absolute fashionista.

Those three tips can be used for any party or outing planned in the summer ensuring that you look laid back and as classy as possible. So, try to implement them if you too wish to look as elegant as the picture you already have in mind. All the above tips are those that don’t even consume much money, it is a matter of making use of what you have ignored in your wardrobe for many years. Pull out the handbag you thought was too small or too funky, dust up the shirt that you had nothing to pair with and put them to good use. Good Luck!

Fashionista Tips to Looking Laid-Back

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