Exciting Ideas to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Whether you’re trying to find that spark again with a long-term partner or simply just want to be more adventurous, trying out new techniques is essential to keep sex hot and exciting. From romantic to kinky, these unique techniques will surely spice things up tonight.

Change in Scenery

When you have a long-term partner, you might notice that you do the deed on almost the same place like the bedroom. Add a sense of novelty and excitement by trying out new venues and other things aside from the bed. You may try it on the kitchen table, the bathtub, on the wall or even outdoor venues. Just make sure that there’s no one around that would see it.

Role Play

Role playing is one of the most effective ways to make sex even more interesting. There are a ton of exciting scenarios you can choose to play such as getting it on with a nurse, the classic butler or maid, teacher and student, and many more. Make it even more realistic by dressing up for the role. Now, you can shop for sexy costumes and lingerie conveniently and confidentially on the most trusted online adult store in Australia. Check out their latest products today.

Blind Oral

Almost everyone loves oral sex, but you can make it even more thrilling and pleasurable by doing blind oral. Before performing it, put a blindfold on your partner. This makes their senses extra heightened because the sight is inhibited; making everything you do more pleasurable. Plus, they will be more anticipative and excited because they don’t have an idea on what you’ll do next.


If you and your partner usually have ordinary sex, why not try something new such as bondage? Decide on who gets tied up or handcuffed and unleash you or your partner’s inner dominatrix to spice things up. You can even combine this one with role playing to make it more fun. Who knows you and your partner might just have the best experience ever? Just be sure to agree on a safe word that would stop everything once said.

Try Out New Positions

Most couples usually do the same position that satisfies their partner the most. While this is not a bad thing, sometimes it just gets boring when you do the same thing over and over again. If you’re planning for an extraordinary sex night, try out new positions you haven’t done yet. There are plenty to choose from, just be creative and resourceful.

Experiment with Food

To add a little bit of fun, try experimenting with food during sex. Honey and chocolate are two of the most popular flavours but you can choose whichever your favourite is. Place them on certain spots on your body and let your partner find these sweet spots with eyes closed or blindfolded.

Being creative is one of the key factors to keep your sex life exciting and hot. Just make sure to get your partner’s consent before trying anything to make sure that it will work.

Exciting Ideas to Spice Up Your Sex Life

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