Choosing A Wedding Suit Your Wife-To-Be Would Approve Of

As a groom your only responsibility when it comes to wedding planning is to show up on time, to say the right name at the altar and of course, to choose the wedding suit that your wife to be would approve. Of all these tasks, the last one might be the most difficult especially if your wife to be is a bridezilla who wants even the littlest, most insignificant part of your wedding to be perfect.

Fortunately, there are few tips you could follow to make sure that your fiancée would look at you in awe when she sees you at the end of the aisle waiting for her.

Is Your Wedding Ultra-Formal?

Weddings are generally formal in nature but when it comes to reception most of the brides and grooms let down their hair. If this is the case for you, you could choose a single-breasted suit. Close the button during the ceremony and keep the jacket suit open during the reception for a more casual, relaxed look (or remove it altogether). But if your wedding is an ultra-formal event, opt for double breasted tailor made wedding suits since they are more formal than the single-breasted.

Is The Color Of The Suit Clashing With Your Theme/Motif?

You could never go wrong with neutral colored suits especially if the theme/motif of your wedding involves loud colors to prevent clashing unless your wife to be would like it if you wear your wedding’s color. The best wedding suits come in deep navy blue or charcoal gray. Khaki and light gray are also good choices.

Is It Something You Could Wear After?

The answer should be a resounding yes. You would spend a significant amount of money on it so it should be something that you could wear for other momentous and important events. Although if it is a suit that looks like something you could wear to your office, it is not appropriate for your wedding. You should look like someone who is about to get married, not someone on the way for a meeting.

Is It Something Weather Appropriate?

Not all couples want to get married during winter but if you do choose to marry during the colder season, make sure that your suit is made out of materials that would keep you warm. Getting married outdoors during autumn is nice especially with all the fall colors.

Just choose a suit with a material that is cold during the day and warm during the night. As for colors, go with dark ones. For weddings during spring and summer, choose suits made out of lightweight materials to provide comfort when the weather becomes unbearably hot. As for the colors, go with blue or gray.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you would not go wrong with your suit. If you are still undecided, bring your future wife to the tailor with you to give the specifications. But come fitting time, bring your best man or one of the groomsmen with you so your bride would still be surprised by how dashing you look come wedding day.

Choosing A Wedding Suit Your Wife-To-Be Would Approve Of

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