3 Myths About Self-Tanning Debunked

Through the years, the adverse effects of self-tanning seemingly outweigh its benefits that most just opt to rock their pale skin. Fans of the movie franchise Final Destination also became wary of tanning beds because of that one particular dreadful scene in the third movie (we would not spoil it for those who have not yet seen it). Nevertheless, it has been studied and confirmed that there are those people who are positively affected by their chosen way of tanning since it makes them look good and feel good.

For those who would try tanning for the first time, you have definitely heard of the risks. But do not let this deter you from getting one. It is better to be informed beforehand instead of preventing yourself from trying something new or something that you would likely enjoy or benefit from.

You Could Only Get A Good Tan By Using Tanning Beds

You might have heard that tanning beds are cancerous and it made you think twice about getting a self-tan. This information is also wrong. Yes, it increases the risk but staying under the sun for a long time also increases the risk of acquiring skin cancer. The key here similar to everything else is moderation. Although there is a chance that you will become fond of indoor tanning, you still have to remember that getting your Vitamin D and having that bronzed glow on your skin with the help of the sun is another option. But if you are still suspicious of tanning beds, why not try for a spray tan instead? Spray tans are considerably safer than tanning beds since there are no exposures to UV light rays. Places like Eclipse Day Spa tanning offer various spray tan options such as full body, scrub and spray and even organic spray tan. Spray tans could still give you that perfect and flawless tan without the unnecessary risk and stress.

Tanning Beds Cause Serious Injury

There have been cases reported for tanning salon injuries such as burns and eye injuries. If you have heard of this, do not be afraid since some of these are isolated cases. If you would get your tan with a respected tanning salon, with well-maintained equipment and attentive and professional staff, the possibility of a tanning related injury is minimal. As long as you listen and follow to all the instructions that they would give you, tanning is an injury-free way to spend your afternoon.

Spray Tans Are Still Harmful

There have still been debates regarding the safety of opting for a spray tan because of the ingredient DHA which causes mutations in people’s DNA. It is actually approved by FDA for external use so using it for the skin is still okay as long as it isn’t inhaled or swallowed. When you go for a spray tan, make sure to ask your tanning professional for a mask or something to protect your eyes.

Wanting to have that bronzed glow on your skin is not inherently bad or not just done to appease your vanity. Wanting to look good to help improve your daily mood and positive disposition is not something you should feel guilty about. Just look for a safe and beneficial way on how you could do this without sacrificing your overall health.

3 Myths About Self-Tanning Debunked

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