Planning a wedding is not child’s play, and for most of the time, there are things we forget to put in place which makes the memorable wedding day a shadow of itself. Sometimes we start planning our weddings like we can do anything, but with a wedding like that in India with more culture, then we can say that there is a need for more information. 

The excitement and thrill that comes from the Indian wedding make brides feel like they can accomplish anything, but as they progress, they begin to tire out as they see many loopholes in their pitch-perfect plan. Here are some of the things you need to know when planning your Indian wedding:

  1. Take out time to plan rather than picturing it in your head

From when we are born, even as Indian women, we have always had a picture in our minds about how our weddings would look like. This has been shaped over time by some of the weddings we have attended over time. This is not a plan, and as far as you do not have a detailed plan about how your wedding is going to look like, then it might just be a disaster waiting to unfold. Planning your big Indian wedding demands not just imagination but imagination alongside preparation.

  • The opinion problem

We only get married once and no matter how much you know about weddings; you would still wind up in a position where you would need to seek advice. Your mother, your sister, and your brother-in-law would have something to say about how they feel the wedding should be whether you tell them or not. So, the best thing to do is not to react to every opinion that comes your way. Instead, when they give you the advice, play it cool, and acknowledge the advice. Afterwards, do what you know is right for you and your husband, for the occasion and after.

  • The custom issue

There are certain things family want that we do not just buy the idea. These are traditions that might have been passed down from generation to generation and whether you like it or you might have to compromise at some point. This is the truth because it might be your wedding, but at the same time, it is your parent’s wedding as well as your husband’s family wedding. So, whether you like it or not, there are still some points you would have to compromise if you want to enjoy your day

  • Spend money where it counts

Some things are essential, and others that we can do without. Take a good look at some aspects of the wedding that are important and the others that are not so important and make sure that you spend money where it is necessary. Certain things like lighting, bridal looks, and food are essential and to think that you can find a way around it is a recipe for disaster.

Bottom Line

Planning a big Indian wedding is a lot of work, but with the right level of preparation and understanding, it would be memorable and enjoyable. It is your day. Enjoy it! At Jewellery by Alirah, we have covered countless number of Indian weddings, and we can give you the right advice as we meet all unique indian jewellery needs.


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